Current Representative

The Distinguished Young Woman of Madison County for 2018 is Ashlie Campbell, from Madison.

Ashlie’s achievements include: Scholarship to take classes at Broadway Dance Center in NYC • 13th year of dancing • • • • • • • •

In addition, Ashlie’s activities include: Company Dancer at The Dance Company • Student at Bob Jones High School • Ambassador at BJHS • Member of National Honors Society • Member of National English Honors Society • Member at Lindsay Lane Baptist Church
Helped with the kids at Rainbow Elementary School with the extended-day program. • Served at several curriculum nights at BJHS, as well as the city Institute Day. • Worked coat-check at the Madison mayor, Paul Finley, State of the City Address. • Worked registration at the Belle Chevre's Running with the Goats 5k race. • Served people of local nursing homes by writing notes, visits, & hosting events.

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